• Yulife - Beets : 12 pack
  • Yulife - Beets : 12 pack
  • Yulife - Beets : 12 pack
  • Yulife - Beets : 12 pack
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Yulife - Beets : 12 pack

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Alertness and Endurance

Rich in nitrates, beets optimize metabolic efficiency and oxygenation of the muscles. It invigorates, facilitates physical effort and increases endurance.

Yulife Beets can be consumed anytimebut for best results drink :

- before physical activities
- while doing physical activities

Rich in nitrates, beets optimize metabolic efficiency and oxygenation of the muscles. It invigorates, facilitates physical effort and increases endurance. 

Your body transforms naturally-occurring nitrates into nitric oxide, a gas that lowers blood pressure and improves circulation. The oxygen carried in the blood is more efficiently used and the muscles’ need for oxygen is reduced. It makes every breath more efficient, so your body gets tired slower and can endure intense exertion longer.

Water, beet juice, lemon concentrated juice, ginseng, natural flavors, stevia extract.


Ginseng reduces mental fatigue and helps enhancing physical performance.


Yulife drinks are 100% natural and caffeine free. No sugar added, no preservatives.

Payment and Shipping
You can now get your Yulife products delivered right to your door (using our insulated boxes for refrigerated products. Note that YULIFE - Electrolytes do not have to be refrigerated for shipping). All orders will be delivered before 6 :00 pm from Tuesday to Fridays. Orders must be placed at least 48 hours before your delivery date. For example, if you want to receive your order by Tuesday, you will need to order before 11:59 pm Sunday. For additional informations, send us an email at info@yulife.ca.
We now deliver in various cities across the province of Quebec and Ontario.

- We deliver through Dicom Express
- 12-Pack boxes only
- It will be shipped in a insulated box with ice packs (only Sea buckthorn, beets and mix pack)
- Your order will be received within 48 hours of your purchase.
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We accept payments by credit cards.
Technicals informations
Include : 12 drinks Yulife and ice pack
Size : 10"x10"x10"
Weight : 18,8 pounds.