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Yulife began with the idea of creating the first healthy energy drink made for active people and athletes. 

Sea buckthorn berries, known as a “super fruit,” were chosen for their uniqueness and numerous health benefits.  Our dream of creating the first healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks started with sea buckthorn. 

Less than one year later, we introduced a range of Yulife drinks containing new functional ingredients: beets to increase endurance, and electrolytes for maintaining hydration.

Ginseng, a natural source of energy, is part of each formulation.

We are very proud to have created the first 100% natural, non-caffeinated energy drinks that contain no added sugar or preservatives.




With support from MAPAQ (Ministère de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation du Québec), we worked with the team at CDBQ (Centre de Développement Bioalimentaire du Québec) to develop each product.

No effort was spared in finding three perfect formulations. Our intention was to create drinks that taste good and, above all, have the functional properties of sea buckthorn, beets, and electrolytes.